Austin, Texas

Window tint has a variety of benefits. It can help add privacy to your vehicle. It can also significantly reduce the heat coming into your vehicle.

The differences are essnetially how each film is produced and using what materials.

First, we carry a basic dyed window tint. It offers great heat rejection and privacy for those shopping on a budget. 

Next is the High performance film. It is a metallized film which allows it to block more heat than the basic.

Ceramic is the best film we carry. It is designed to block infrared heat, so its sure to keep your car a lot cooler.

First and foremost, the tint is installed on the inside of the glass. The basic process is first we clean your windows of any dust or debris. The film is then cut out in a plotting system. Afterwards, the film is put through a heating process to match your car. The tint is then applied to the inside of the glass after a thorough cleaning.

After we apply the tint, the tint is expected to go through a curing or dying out process. Since we install the tint with a water solution, there is often a small layer or pockets of water left between the film and the glass. This is completely normal and usually takes about 3-7 days to completely dry out. We recommend to leave your windows up and your car parked outside in the sun to help speed the drying process up.

The legal limit applies to only the front two driver/passenger windows in the state of Texas. The law states that the state windows must meter above a 25% VLT. Most people would think legally they can have a 25% film installed on their front windows. This is often wrong because the meter will actually read lower than the legal limit because it’s measuring glass and the film combined. To prevent this, most places install a 30-35% on the front two so you don’t have to worry about failing an inspection.

They are pretty simple. We ask that you do not roll down your windows for 3 days afterwards and to please avoid applying any pressure to the inside of the glass for about two weeks.

Yes the old film will have to be removed for us to install new tint. Especially if the film is bubbled up and peeling. There is an extra charge for removal of the old film and it takes about 2-3 hours to remove.

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