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High Performance


Your cars defense against the sun!

This film is manufactured with a metallizing technology that helps it provide higher heat rejection for a greater interior comfort.This film also blocks up to 99% harmful UVS, and has a total heat reduction of 61%

This film is a clear ceramic based window film that is virtually invisible to the human eye. It is specifically designed for the front windshield of your vehicle. It has excellent heat block and is completely legal in the state of Texas

Global Window films is a leading company in today's film industry. Their products are all high quality films and they are all covered by a manufactured back life time warranty. Take a look at some options and heat specifications!

Here at Custom FX, window tinting is our expertise. We have over 15 years in the window tinting industry and offer only top of the line products to our customers for an unbeatable price. We also use the latest technology in plotter cut patterns, getting the perfect fit for your vehicle without ever using a knife.

  • Significant heat reduction                                    

Non Reflective QDP

Benefits of Window Tint

This one explains itself! For a great price, window film can add some elegance to your ride!

LLumar Air 90 Series

Window Tint

  • Protection from sun damage
  • Improved appearance

This film is a specialized dyed film that blocks up to 42% total heat coming into your vehicle.It keeps out 99% of harmful UVS from the sun. Its offered in 3 different shades and is backed by a life time warranty.

What we offer

Llumar Window Films is also a leading film company, they have been around for a long time and are a trusted name in our industry. With quality that is built to last, you wont be disappointed with this brand!

You and your car are both at damage from the suns harmful rays. Overtime, the sun takes on not only your cars interior, but your skin as well. Installing window tint on your vehicle will help save you and your cars interior!

This is our top of the line film. Global Ceramic is the ideal option for those looking to block as much heat out of their vehicle as possible. Engineered with the latest technology, this film cuts out 66% of total heat coming through your car, and a whopping 85% of the infrared heat. 

We offer 2 brands of window film, Global Window Films and LLumar, each with multiple grades of quality and shades. All of our films are covered by a life time warranty, so no matter what your price range is, you're covered for as long as you own the car! Keep in mind, the lighter shade (35%) is the legal limit for the front two windows in Texas.

CTX Series

Our window films block up to 66% of the total heat coming through your vehicle. Under the hot Texas sun, 66% difference is night and day.

This film is a "nano-ceramic" film that was engineered with the latest and greatest manufacturing technologies. This film cuts out up to 60% of heat from your vehicle and provides great clarity, along with long lasting performance.